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Third edition, in new condition. Thanks for reading and 73 to all, Mike W2IY. I am looking for a set of the Tommy Rockford books by Walker Tompkins. I believe there are 6 of them. I would like to find a copy of that book. Pretty good condition, no pages missing, small corner of rear cover torn off. I'm offering a set of four books covering the topic of Radio Science. Please see the photo which clearly shows all the books. Radio Amateurs handbook, excellent shape, no marks, missing pages, tears or stains.

As per the jpeg, here are two of the most authoritative books ever written about our wonderful hobby Similar authors, but completely different content Elements of radio of is the book that teaches what makes radios work, starting with the basics Elements of Radio Servicing is into repairing radios, and although a lot of it pertains to hollow state radio, it is a great primer for someone who wants to know how to repair radios This page reference book contains essentially all the formulas, symbols, data, including mathematical tables required in the electronics industry, in addition to, amateur radio.

In addition, there is a Db to power- voltage conversion table that enables effective power to be calculated from an antenna designed for gain. There is the resistor color code; moreover, these are merely a few of the hundreds of useful formulas needed for basic calculations in the field of electronics and amateur radio. How to Test Almost Everything Electronic This is an excellent book for both beginners and those who wish to review on basic electronic fundamentals.

Most important, How to test almost everything electronic is a PB reference book that discusses how to utilize numerous types of test equipment such as; mustimeters, generators, oscilloscopes, and capacitance meters. Chapter 2, pertains to DC Voltage and testing equipment power supplies, whereas, chapter 3 explains theory concerning current tests. Chapter 5, pertains to oscilloscope use and measurements.

Most important, there are several pictures, and schematic diagrams in this book that facilitates use of several types of electronic testing equipment. I am asking Radio Handbook 19th edition by Orr was one of the most comprehensive books available concerning theory, operation, maintenance, including, construction of amateur radio equipment. There is a wealth of knowledge concerning electronics, and especially, amateur radio transmission and reception equipment.

Book is in fair- to-good condition for age due to being formerly in a library. Each chapter includes a practice exam with answers to the questions found in rear of book. Understanding Basic Electronics is an excellent teaching-learning textbook and-or electronics reference guide published by the ARRL Vol 1. This book is in excellent condition with no marks and-or highlighting.

The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications

Book includes 30 fact-packed chapters that teach basic fundamentals to more complex theory. Book also provides practice exams with answers to questions to facilitate learning. Moreover, the appendix includes; glossary of electronic definitions, English- metric conversions, schematic symbols, amateur radio fundamentals, and much more. The book includes detailed information on all types of oscilloscopes and their applications in digital processing, signature analyzers and many other areas.


This is a reasonably accurate review of the oscilloscope Additionally, Vectorscopes and Vectors are explained, therefore, enabling this book to certainly be easily understood, but an effective learning-reference tool. New book in wrapper - thus awful photo. It is NEW. Won as a door prize. A set of three issues available: Aug , Sept , Oct All are in very good condition.

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The last one has a small corner piece missing from the back cover and a bit of writing on the front cover. Cowan contains pages Chapters of useful information pertaining to; radio propagation, antenna theory, coaxial cables, dipoles, ground planes, SWR Measurements, including, antennas that can be constructed; DX- Dipoles, end-fed vertical antennas, vertical ground planes, wire- antennas, beam-antennas, Universal HF Antenna Systems, and other useful plans, and diagrams for constructing amateur radio antennas.

This book is in Fair-to- Good condition, thus, with normal reading associated with age of book. This is an excellent book for those who desire to construct their own antennas. Conclusively, the book is in really good condition for the age. Basic Electronics Theory Hard- Bind Book is a teaching self- study course that contains pages of useful information pertaining to electronics components, projects, and experiments.

ARRL Handbook 12222

Please email for photos. Popular Electronics, 2 issues, lower price! July and December issues, both in very good condition. Local pickup available.

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I have a four box set of Heathkit Continuing Education manuals dc electronics etc. The boxes have been opened but the parts envelopes seem to be there are have not been opened nor have any of the projects been built to the best of my knowledge. Email: KG8JK.

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Radio Amateur Callbook Good condition. Complete: all pages, both covers, spine. Some wear on edges of spine, shelf wear on spine corners. Pse give me a price, including shipping. Paypal only. The Radio Handbook 20th edition by W. Orr was-is one of the most exquisite and informative books available concerning theory, operation, maintenance, including, construction of amateur radio equipment. This book looks to be near new condition with just one little dent in the outer cover which does not affect book longevity.

There are questions and answers at the end of each chapter, therefore, a good electronics study and-or review book. Basic Electronics Theory PB Book is a teaching self- study course that contains pages of useful information pertaining to electronics components, projects, and experiments.

Although, paper-back, this is a heavy book. Meters and Scopes Book This book was published by Tab Publishing is written as a primer for the beginner, in addition to, a reference source for more experienced technicians. For example, book provides basic circuit theory prior to advancing to utilization of test equipment. Electronic Values and Components , including, measuring instruments; DC Voltmeter, AC Volt meter, Ohm meter; including one chapter providing theory, technical, and proper operation of the oscilloscope.

In addition, there is one chapter devoted to constructing your own electronic test equipment. Finally, an important concept of this book is a section pertaining to transmitter- antenna measurements utilizing the wattmeter, SWR Meter, Field Strength Meter, and the impedance bridge. This is better quality than the SB, and should last longer. Conclusively, this book is in excellent condition and is the hard-back copy. I have an Orr Radio Handbook 23rd edition for sale, however, with binding damage.

There are no missing pages, whereas, the a small section or two of the main pages have became detached from the main spine.


The outside of the book looks good. As you probably realize this book authored by Mr. Orr is one of the most informative books available concerning theory, operation, maintenance, including, construction of amateur radio equipment. The book is usable, however condition from 1 being worst and 10 being best, I would rate it at around 4. It is usable, readable, however it is not a perfect book. This books sell at a modest price, however, given condition I am asking Electronic Components is a reference for project builders.

This page PB book discusses electronic components and utilization in electronics. Whereas, chapter 9 provides coverage pertaining to transducers, and chapter 10 discusses switches. Several diagrams and parts that can be utilized for projects as this is an excellent reference book and electronics refresher guide. Practical Antenna Handbook Good- Cond.

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This book by Tab Publishing is an astonishing because of the tremendous amount of discussion and explanation of both amateur and commercial radio broadcasting. For example, beginning chapters place emphasis towards; radio wave propagation, transmission lines, fundamentals of radio antennas, whereas, providing in- depth discussion concerning; HF Dipole, Vertically Polarized, Multiband, Tunable, Long-Wire, Hidden-limited space , Directional Phased, and Directional-Beam and Shortwave Radio Antennas.

Antenna techniques such as; constructing, V. Measurements, tuning, grounding, including, other methods to obtain highest efficiency are within discussion of this excellent book. I am looking for 73 Magazine Dec Shipping address in the USA and Germany. I am looking for any 73 Magazines of the year Any offer welcome. I will pay a fair price. Both in like-new condition.

No issues, no smoke, no pets. Sams CB Photofacts, issues. Loaded with schematics from early CB days to later. Email me if interested. In great shape for a s plus year old manual Whether your an old timer or new to the hobby, you will have many hours of interesting reading from this book Here is another great book authored by William Orr and Stuart Cowan. Essentially, this book provides all the information you need to know about theory and building of amateur radio antennas in one easy to read, classic guide. Book pertains to design, and construction of many amateur radio antennas.