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In this context, inspiration refers to the reception of ideas from the Goddess which arrive as abstract concepts without any pseudo-sensory input, and which the HPS must then put into words of her own before passing them on.

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In a total or full possession, however, she will usually leave her body while the Goddess controls it, and will often have no memory later of what her body was doing or saying while the deity was in it. Sometimes, if she is sufficiently possessed by the Goddess invoked, the High Priestess may give the members of the congregation, individually or as a whole, pointed advice and information from the Goddess.

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I suspect that the Charge was originally written so that an HPS who had failed to be inspired would have something worthwhile to say. Many never do it. Some traditions offer libations to the ground when outdoors, or in a bowl when indoors, before consuming the food and drink.

Gardner was, after all, working with middle-class and working-class British occultists, not the lower-class or upper-class types who might have been less inhibited in their sexuality.


The relaxed and healthy sexuality of the Paleopagans of ancient India or Britain was already long vanished, thus dooming his dream of a revived Western Tantra from the start. The few American Wiccans of the s who attempted to restore this aspect of the religion were denounced as exploitative and politically incorrect by many in the Neopagan community and effectively silenced or cast out, with the result that the community lost any ability it might have had to establish appropriate ethical controls for such practices.

Occasionally the Great Rite is used as part of a spell-casting or initiation, or to consummate a handfasting. A handful of traditions insist that some or all of these functions require the sexual act to be physical rather than symbolic, but even these few traditions usually remove the acting couple from the sight of the rest of the coven.

Pentagram Cross Stitch Pattern - Pagan

These steps are done in varying order. This conflicting use of terms can be very confusing until you find out how a given group functions. Some Wiccan Traditions match it more closely than others. It has been my experience that Wiccan ritual can be far more powerful and effective, both thaumaturgically and theurgically, if a liturgical design is chosen that is as close a match as possible to the Common Worship Pattern. This can be accomplished most easily by adding the missing steps from that pattern.

However, perhaps Gardner reasoned that modern Westerners need more time and effort to escape mundane reality than folks from other times and places did, so he deliberately elaborated the opening parts of the liturgy. Be that as it may, the ritual design presented next inserts the missing parts of the common worship pattern and makes the middle of the ritual more important than the beginning or the end.

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What follows is my expansion and ordering of the steps for a Wiccan ritual. I have done rites this way for decades now, with great success.

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I sincerely suggest that people experiment with adapting their liturgies to match this pattern. The numbered items are the observable steps of the ceremony as it is performed. The Sacrifice 12 Releasing of energy raised a. Click here to buy it from Amazon.

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