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Her on-again, off-again love and maker, Jeremy Blade, thinks she's perfect.

When Glory hears that a vampire insists he has created a combination of potions that can help a vampire lose weight and keep it off Her only problem is that he is Jeremy's family's enemy. In order to look great for the Grammys on the arm of Ray Israel Caine , Glory plots and comes up with a plan to get the elixir while keeping Jerry Jeremy Blade in the dark. Of course it's not as simple as she thinks it will be! As always, Gerry Bartlett delivers a light and whimsical storyline that's guaranteed to make you laugh out loud a time or two. I am on the small side so I can in no way understand what Glory is going through, but her qualms are so realistic while reading you can't help but to feel sincerely sorry for her and hope that, in the end, she gets exactly what she wants.

While reading I just knew she would have it up to here with the both of them and their constant bickering where she is concerned. The only plus that Ray has is that he wants Glory to be happy no matter what so he will bend over backward to make that happen instead of ordering her around like Jerry does. Join Glory as she races to get the weight off, keep the weight off, and satisfy a siren turned disgusting fish monster all before Grammy night! Glory is back. This time she is on her way to the Grammy's on the arm of her pretend fiance.

When she discovers that there might be a way to lose weight for the occasion, she is ready to give up almost anything to do it. Hmmm, what to say.

I always love Glory. She is a great character and lots of fun. There was not as much action in this book as the others and it seemed to be a bit all over the place. But it all sort of makes sense at the end. Still good but not my favorite in the series. Here at Walmart.

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Lately that had included following me to Austin and now this little trip to Los Angeles. I stopped and checked him out. He always looked so good to me. Tall, buff and sexy as hell. But tonight he was in a Hollywood-style white silk shirt that made the most of his dark hair and eyes.

Add expensive trousers with loafers and no socks and I wondered if some stylist had gotten hold of him. Before I could ask, he had me in his arms and up against all that hard maleness. He tasted delicious, and I could feel his fangs when he kissed me. Great start to my evening.

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Forget going out. Add a push-up bra and I guarantee male eyes never went below my personal equator. So no hotel room. I wanted to hit some clubs. Like no daytime gigs. So when the paparazzi, like that guy I just avoided by the Dumpster, kept seeing us together, they assumed we were an item. I mean, me, slightly chubby Glory St. Clair, who is nobody, living in the fast lane? How cool is that? And Ray is totally hot, sexy and when he sings. Then he turned out to be a great guy and—would you believe it? I know, I thought I was dreaming. It made Jerry superjealous.

Guys can get to taking you for granted after the first few centuries. And the awards are in a week. Israel Caine and Gloriana St. Clair, the happy couple. After I get to wear the fabulous dress a designer is whipping up for me as we speak. For when we walk the red carpet. Now, can we get back to me sneaking out to meet Jerry? No big deal, darn it. Now I want to have fun.

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And not just one-on-one in a hotel room. We can do that, and have done that, many times, in Austin. All over the world, for that matter. Valdez tugged on his leash and I snapped back to the here and now. I love this car. You rented this, Jerry? The top was down and three vampires lounged in the backseat.

She said the Mercedes I was going for was stuffy.

Real Vampires Hate Their Thighs (Glory St. Claire, Book 5)

What do you think? She tell you to go commando? See, Jeremiah?

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You must always listen to me, caro. You should have gone for a deep auburn. Maybe you can find me something better for tomorrow night.