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The fast and elegant TriStat system. An Epic High Fantasy setting like no other.

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The Ventrue Chronicle by Chris Gunning. Victorian Age: Vampire by Justin Achilli. The Winnowing by John H. World of Darkness: Gypsies Vampire by Teeuwynn. The Wounded King by Philippe Boulle. Book of Auspices by Matt McFarland. Book of the Weaver by Sue Armstrong. Book of the Wyld by Richard Dansky. Book of the Wyrm by White Wolf. Book of Wyrm 2nd Edition by Ron Spencer. Breathe Deeply by Don Bassingthwaite. Caerns: Places of Power by Bill Bridges.

Call to Battle by Doug Murray. Changing Breeds: Bastet by Phil Brucato. Changing Breeds: Corax by Richard Dansky. Changing Breeds: Gurahl by White Wolf. Changing Breeds: Mokole by James Comer. Changing Breeds: Nagah by Kraig Blackwelder. Changing Breeds: Nuwisha by James Moore. Changing Breeds: Ratkin by Brian Campbell. Conspicuous Consumption by Stewart Von Allmen.

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