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Anna Quindlen, Execution.

Writer Purpose in Rhetoric and Composition

Jon Seidel student , Who Controls Information? Our Side Writing Assignments 8.

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James Thurber, The Microscope. Writing Research Readings with a Purpose Recognize the Basic Elements of Sentences 2.

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Recognize the Basic Sentence Patterns 3. Sentence Sense 5.

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  • Active and Passive Sentences 6. Maintain Parallelism among Sentence Elements 7.

    Word Order 8. Position Modifiers Carefully 9. Comparisons Conciseness Writing Grammatical Sentences Eliminate Sentence Fragments Eliminate Fused Sentences and Comma Splices Agreement Case Verb Tenses Adjectives and Adverbs Choosing Effective Diction Use a Dictionary Periods, Question Marks, and Exclamation Points Commas Unnecessary Commas Semicolons Colons Dashes Parentheses Quotation Marks Brackets Ellipses Observing the Rules of Mechanics Capitalization Italics Apostrophes Never feel like you need to add content just to hit a length limit.

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    • Instead, write as much as you need to to fully answer the prompt and tell the stories you want to share. Is this information that is included elsewhere in your application? If so, do you really need to repeat it?

      Is this information that shows something important about me or my experiences? If not, why are you including it? Is this information relevant to your target school or program?

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